Top Washington DC Dermatologist

Our Washington DC dermatologist possesses decades of training and experience to bring you the best in medical and cosmetic dermatology. Patients come to our doctor with the aim of restoring skin’s vibrancy and health. Patients can leave our doctor’s office with renewed confidence as he restores youthful firmness, conceals imperfections, and refines facial features with steady, caring hands.

As the baby boomer population matures, so too does cosmetic dermatology. The demand for cosmetic procedures continues to grow and surgical technology and technique are becoming increasingly sophisticated. With advanced knowledge, Washington DC dermatologist Dr. Steven Rotter brings this sophisticated methodology to his clientele at the Center for Skin Surgery in VA, renewing and enhancing their confidence and self-image.

Our doctor is an accomplished surgeon and dermatologist in Washington DC. Alongside his extensive educational background, our doctor is expertly trained in the most advanced forms of laser surgery. At our Washington DC dermatology center, our doctor uses lasers of varying wavelengths to maximize the benefits, and tailor treatments to each patient’s unique skin, face, and body. His comprehensive understanding of skin treatment, surgery and technology makes our doctor one of the most capable and trusted dermatologists in Washington DC.

With our board certified Washington DC dermatologist at the helm, we offer state-of-the art skincare in a pristine, relaxing facility. Make an appointment with our doctor today for expert dermatological care.

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