Top Washington DC Dermatologist: Credentials Matter

How do you choose the best Washington DC dermatologist for your needs? With so many “miracle treatments” on the skincare market, and so many physicians branching off into cosmetics, it can be hard to understand what makes a truly great treatment or professional. When you decide to see a dermatologist in Washington DC, there are many factors you should consider. Below is a list of credentials and considerations that will help you find a professional that is right for you:

Presence on site: Many dermatology patients are surprised to learn that not all doctors are required to be on site during a procedure. In fact, in some states, doctors are only required to be at their facilities for two hours every month, leaving staff to handle important tasks. While our staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, rest assured that all medical procedures are performed by a qualified physician. There are some actions that are best left to a doctor, and our board certified Washington DC dermatologists will be on site to perform them.

Board certification: Be sure to check that your doctor is a licensed dermatologist, certified by the American Board of Dermatology. Many licensed medical doctors are trying to make money from the growing cosmetic dermatology market. However, not all possess the specialized training in dermatology to administer treatment. Our Washington DC dermatologists, however, possess the training and knowledge to deftly perform cosmetic and medical treatment for the skin, hair, and nails. Additionally, our doctors hold multiple fellowships, memberships and certifications that show their commitment to fully understanding their field. You would be wise to look for these credentials before paying for any form of treatment.

Sought-after expertise: Our Washington DC dermatologists are regularly consulted for their knowledge and training in the field of dermatology. They have served as guest lecturers and their words have appeared in scientific, medical and commercial publications.

Reputation: Look for a Washington DC dermatologist with excellent patient satisfaction. It may not be easy to find a satisfied patient, as our physicians’ work is discreet and natural in appearance. However, you may still look to online reviews, client testimonials, and any friends who have gone to a particular dermatologist. You will find that our dermatology specialists in Washington DC have quite the patient satisfaction rates. Accolades and certifications are helpful, but nothing should matter more to you, or to our physicians, than patients’ happiness with their outcome.

Our Washington DC dermatology center is an excellent place to revitalize your skin. Your skin is there to protect your face and body, offer it the very best of care by scheduling an appointment today.

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