How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help Arthritis?

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell intervention is one of the new efforts in regenerative medicine that could dramatically affect orthopedic protocols over the coming years. Much of this expectation is pinned on using stem cells to treat degenerative conditions such as knee or shoulder arthritis.

Simply put, stem cells are the most basic building blocks of all human tissue. They hold potential as treatment partly because they can communicate necessary information about healing and tissue growth to other kinds of cells in the body.

How Does Stem Cell Intervention Help Arthritis? 

Arthritis damage and motion restriction are associated with joint degeneration due to wear, tear, and loss of the cartilage that cushions the bones. Progress using stem cells to treat arthritic conditions is advancing daily, with the ultimate goal of using stem cells to regrow lost or damaged cartilage.

Research into stem cells and arthritis shows that stem cell treatment may be used as injection therapy alone or as part of surgical intervention or a comprehensive orthopedic plan. Successful stem cell therapies have shown valuable results—mostly concerning pain relief and improvement in flexibility and function, but also in the overall quality of life. 

Stem Cell Intervention Compared to Total Joint Replacement

Comparing the risks and benefits of a stem cell intervention versus a total joint replacement, you will find:

  • There is little or remote chance of complications with stem cell therapy.
  • There is a speedy recovery from a stem cell injection when compared to the recovery time (including hospital stay, wound healing, and rehabilitation time) that comes with an invasive surgical procedure.
  • There are comparable costs when comparing the fees for a stem cell intervention with the deductible obligation for a total joint replacement.

If you are concerned about the overall cost of a stem cell intervention, ask a stem cell doctor about his or her fees. Many stem cell doctors align their fee schedule in keeping with the deductible you may have to pay out of pocket for major surgery or total knee replacement.

If you’re wondering whether stem cell therapy is the right choice for you, an arthritis doctor in Pottstown, PA from a doctor’s office like the Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania can assist you with any questions you may have. The earlier you get intervention, the sooner you are rid of unwanted pain and mobility restrictions. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation today.

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